Congregation of the oblates of St.JosephSan Giuseppe Marello

            The  Oblates of St.Joseph is a religious order of priests and brothers founded by St. Joseph Marello in 1878.It was his inspiration to gather together a group of young men who desired to consecrate themselves to the love and service of Jesus in imitation of St.Joseph.He saw a family of priests and brothers all taking vows of chastity,poverty and obedience ,living according to the prayerful, humble and dedicated example of St.Joseph.St.Joseph Marello proposed to them a high ideal of uniting an intense spiritual life with a tremendous spirit of service:

Be Carthusians indoors and Apostles outdoors

In that one sentence,the Founder condensed profound truth. The Carthusians, known throughout the church as being the strictest monastic order to date, are for the Oblates an example of a hidden interior life of silence, prayer, and contemplation. However, the Oblates also believe in taking the fruits of that interior life and bringing them to the world.Enter the example of the Apostles,the men who knew Jesus personally,and their fervor to go out into the world and spread the good news of his Gospel.Combining these principles,the Oblates seek both to know Jesus as intimately as possible and to spread that knowledge to as many people as possible, in as many places,in the greatest possible depth.