School Anthem

Shine Holy Innocents
Shine with all your radiance
Shine Holy Innocents, come on with all your might
All in the darkness may walk in your brightness
The voice of your children cries
Let your light shine

Look at you, you’re shining
Your light is everywhere
Put up your light, show the truth
I’m  gonna  let it shine
Where there is darkness
You, shine like a little lamp
The life of everybody,
May filled with your shining love
The hearts of your children sing
Let your light shine

Rise and shine like the sun,
For every child stay up in fright,
For every hearts loved you from
The very first stone laid for you.
When the evening shadows fall,
May the hope of your light strengthen us
Before darkness got a chance to byte
May your wisdom show the way
Let the hearts of your children shine
Let there be light